"God so loved...that he gave..." (John 3:16)

"The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...and to give..." (Matthew 20:28)

Giving helps us grow in faith and keep our priorities in line with God's. Giving is not something we do because the church needs it, but because we need to give just as God gave, out of love. When we give back what God gave us, we unleash His resources to transform the world.

We encourage the discipline of giving in proportion to your income, growing toward a Biblical standard of 10 percent (a tithe) as a base level giving.

You can give to Community online or by text message - simply send a text to 573-238-8586 with the dollar amount and fund name (optional). You will be asked to complete your giving information through a secure system the first time you give via text message.

When you unleash with giving, you: Serve others close and far. Expand Community’s reach to others through worship and small groups for everyone. Deepen your connection within Community.